7 Quick Takes Friday – Where Have I Been?

1.Because I’m now Madison and Mason‘s Guardian Angel, they will always be take #1. Due to her age, Madison’s ONLY chance at a family is to be adopted with Mason!  If you’d like to adopt them, let me know and I will have a matching fund drive on my blog as I did for Larisa.

Mason must think he's a ladies' man.

Mason must think he’s a ladies’ man.

Madison is lovely.

2. Do you know a family who could adopt these kids?  Maybe you do and you don’t realize it yet!  Spread the word – these kids can’t get adopted if nobody knows they exist!

3. Where have I been?  Well, aside from not updating the blog, I’ve been applying for jobs elsewhere, making big plans to move… and just had a big project dumped in my lap at my current job.  I applied for two jobs in the state where my in-laws live, and had a preliminary phone interview at one before the project was handed to me.  Without going into detail, this is both something I’ve wanted to do since I started at this job and one of the reasons I wanted to leave is that I didn’t think I’d ever be asked to do it.  Which brings me to my next take…

4.  If I get an on-site interview, how do I turn it down gracefully?  It’s nothing against Potential Employer, but if they hired me I’d probably have to start before the project is finished, and I’d hate to leave Current Employer in the lurch.

5.  Fellow sponsors, what do you think of CFCA’s new name?  They started calling themselves Unbound at the beginning of 2014.  Personally, I’m not wild about it.  I feel like they’re forgetting who they are and where they came from.  However, I’m not going to stop sponsoring!  I’ve heard some people did that and find it appalling.  It isn’t fair to your sponsored family to cut off support to them just because you got all butt-hurt over the organization’s new name.

6. I’m in the middle of a 54 day rosary novena. (You can probably guess my intention.)  I felt led to do this at the beginning of January and I thought there was no way I’d get 5 decades in every day for 54 days straight.  I’m now on day 21 and haven’t missed a day yet!  Rosary time seems to pop up in the oddest places!

7.  It’s Friday, so we need a song!  I feel like something old school, so here’s “I’d Really Love to See You Tonight” by England Dan and John Ford Coley.

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St. Frances Xavier Cabrini, pray for orphans!

One response to “7 Quick Takes Friday – Where Have I Been?

  1. Good luck on the job situation!

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