Disappointed, But Not Surprised

I was rejected for all three jobs.  Didn’t even get an interview.  My frustration with my current job is at an all-time high, and I’m wondering if I’ll ever get out.

I can relate.

I can relate.

Jen over at Conversion Diary said that her husband once commented that he felt like his whole life is Lent. This is one of the times when I feel as if my whole life is Advent. Waiting, waiting, more waiting, hurry up and wait… when you get sick of that, wait some more.

When I went to Adoration last week, I thought about waiting, and the thought that came to me (and continues to come to me) is “Lean In.”  Lean In to the current situation, the current job, the current house.  It’s easy to sit back and relax while you wait, but it’s a better use of your God-given talents if you give your current situation your all.  It’ll probably help in getting a new situation too – if the boss sees that you’re disengaged, she’s less likely to give you a good reference for your next job.  If you’re disengaged, you might miss something important.

And so… I lean in.

2 responses to “Disappointed, But Not Surprised

  1. Great thoughts in Adoration! When people speak quietly to us we often “lean in” to hear them better. Sometimes with all our own plans running around in our heads we don’t hear God’s. Perhaps He is guiding you to His plans.

  2. Waiting and waiting some more is definitely how I feel sometimes as well. I’m sorry that the job stuff didn’t turn out as you would like, but I love the “lean in”. I hope you have a very blessed remainder of Advent!

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