7 Quick Takes Friday – Big News!

1.  Larisa found a family!! She has been either adopted or fostered in her country, and her grant money has been given to Mason and Madison. And that brings me to take #2…

2. Since I was Larisa’s Guardian Angel, I signed up to be Madison and Mason’s Guardian Angel.  Madison and Mason are siblings.  Madison is a 16-year-old girl with stage 1 mitral valve prolapse and a humpback.  Mason is a twelve-year-old boy who also has mitral valve prolapse, scoliosis, and supplemental oblique cord of the left ventricle.  (I’ll be the first to admit I’m not sure what that means.)  Madison will be aging out in September, so she needs a family soon!

Mason must think he's a ladies' man.

Mason must think he’s a ladies’ man.

Madison is lovely.

3. So, remember the job I told you about on Sunday?  I have a phone interview on Monday!   This may be the only interview I get – the hiring manager said he’d like me to start by mid-July.  Pray that I have the wisdom to make the right choice here (and that I don’t give myself a heart attack fretting about it).

4. Between frantically Googling job interview tips and warning signs, I’ve been trying to enjoy whatever time I have left in my current town.  Every time I go out with my colleagues or walk through downtown, I think that this could be the last time I do [activity], and get a little wistful.  Then I remind myself that nobody knows I’m moving and try to think about something else before somebody asks what’s wrong.

5. Having said all of that, I’m pretty sure I won’t get the job.  DH and I have a big vacation planned for about 6 weeks after I’d be starting this job, and we’ve already bought plane tickets.  (Sounds weird, but hey, we didn’t think I’d be starting a new job when we made these plans.)  Pretty sure that’s going to knock me out of the running.

6. On a completely unrelated note, my tomato plants are beginning to produce!  It’s been extremely cool and rainy this year so fruit set has been a little late.  I suspect it’ll be at least a few weeks before anything ripens, but the progress is encouraging.

7. It’s Friday, so it’s time for a song!  This Friday’s song is “Home and Dry” by The Pet Shop Boys. What?  I like these guys!

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St. Frances Xavier Cabrini, pray for Madison & Mason!

2 responses to “7 Quick Takes Friday – Big News!

  1. If they want you, they’ll wait for you. I had a similar situation where they wanted me to start literally days before I disappeared on a three week vacation! So you never know!

  2. Hooray hooray for Larisa! I’ll definitely start praying for Madison and Mason now.🙂 And that good things happen for your phone interview.

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