7 Quick Takes Friday – Other People’s Stuff

1.  You may wonder what is going on with my garden.  Really, not much.  I got the beds set up and then last weekend we had beautiful weather which I missed because I was working.   I had planned to spend my days off this week planting, and on the two days I had off, we had approximately 1.5 days of rain.  I’ve been able to plant herbs in pots and some flowers out front, but no veggies yet.  Sigh.

2.  Since I don’t have anything to report, I’m going to share some other blog posts I liked. Well, I suppose I do have one thing to report, which is that thanks to all this rain, I live on a bloody swamp.

3.  This blog post is a must-read for gardeners!  If you’re like me and you want Monsanto’s frankenfoods as far away from your garden as possible, go read Sustainability vs. Monsantan by Soilent Greens.  The post has an excellent explanation of what genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are and which seeds have GMOs.  There are some that might surprise you.  I grew Blushing Beauty peppers last year and had absolutely no clue they were a GMO!   (Post contains some bad language, but it’s easy to avoid.

4.  Over at the National Catholic Register, Simcha Fisher gives us “A Little Proof of a Large Thing.” I’m fascinated by patterns in nature too, and these are beautiful pictures!  God truly is everywhere you look.

5.  I love much of what Jen at Conversion Diary has done, but her poop fates posts crack me up.  Or at least they did, until I remembered that I’m a pet owner.  See, pets are kind of like small children in that if they live in your house and you think you smelled poop… guess what?  You did.  I remembered the poop fates the other day when one of my cats decided to think outside the litter box. The floor was the canvas, the poop was the ink, and the cat was Jackson Pollock.  (And you thought that being childless meant never cleaning up feces!  Ha!)  But unlike me, Jen managed to turn a post about cleaning up poop into a spiritual reflection.

6. Speaking of deep thoughts inspired by mundane things, Leanne at Provoking Beauty has a great post about when loving yourself is hard.  And said post was inspired by a quote from the TV show “Glee”.  Yes, that “Glee!”  Go and read it, you’ll thank me when you’re done.

7.  It’s Friday, so it’s time for a hymn!  This Friday’s hymn is “Order My Steps by GMWA Women of Praise”.

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