7 Quick Takes – October


1.  I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers. [Name that book!] I always loved October in the Midwest and October in the Northwest so far has exceeded my expectations.  It’s cool and gloomy in the morning but in the afternoon the fog burns off to October’s bright blue weather.

2.  I had a job interview yesterday!  I think it went well, and the job seems like a much better fit for my skills than the last job was.  The Boss Man said they would have a decision for me soon; if y’all have a chance, I’d appreciate a prayer!

3.  How else am I keeping busy without a job?  I have a backlog of continuing education to get done, I’m exploring my new city, and of course there’s an adorable niece and nephew to spoil.  And I need to join a gym…

4.  I have not been doing much reading since all of my books are on the moving van, which is AWOL.  Well, not completely; the moving van was supposed to get here yesterday, but the moving company has told us it won’t be here until Monday.  My TV is also on the moving van, as is half my kitchen and half my furniture, and not knowing where everything is is making me something something…


5.  DH has transitioned to working from home and he loves it.  I love the arrangement too (well, I’d love it more if I had a job, but I digress).  He’s under a lot less stress with no commute and no coworkers to annoy him, and that makes me a lot happier.

6.  We’re right in the middle of 40 Days for Life!  This is an amazing campaign that has borne wonderful fruits.  Please do what you can to support, whether through public or private prayer, fasting, or donations!

7.  It’s Friday, so we need a song!  Here’s an ’80s classic:  “Waiting for a Star to Fall” by Boy Meets Girl.

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So Your Family Isn’t Catholic…

Kendra has a great post today about visiting family members who are lukewarm Catholics or whose parishes do things we disagree with.  But what if my family isn’t religious at all? 

Don't do this!

Don’t do this!

Relax, girl, I got your back.  As I’ve discussed here before, my DH is an atheist and  nobody in his family attends church, but I still go every week whether they’re here or not.  I’ve had a good example to follow in this department, since my mom is a convert and neither of her parents attended church.  (Disclaimer: this post also assumes that your family lives far away and you don’t see them often, as that’s been my experience.)

  •  Say it, but say it right.  When you tell them you’re going to Mass, use the same tone you would to say, “I’m going to the store,” or  “I’m going to the gym.”  You’re going and their presence is welcome but not mandatory; that’s it!  The same goes for meatless Fridays: I’m making a vegetarian meal for dinner; they’re welcome to eat what I cook, but if they don’t like it, they can help themselves to whatever’s in the fridge.
  • Accept interruptions in your routine.  You may not be able to go to your favorite Mass and arrive an hour early to sing in the choir and take the whole clan to the beach and cook a huge meal for everybody and get 30 minutes of quiet prayer in.  If you only see these relatives once or twice a year, you need to maximize that time, so choose which of these things are the most important for you and your family harmony.  In other words, choose mortifications that don’t mortify others and don’t sweat everything else.  I’ve found that the 7 AM Mass is wonderful; my family is usually still asleep when I leave the house and when I return, they’re just starting breakfast.  If you can’t attend an early Mass, the late Mass is good for family visits too; by the time this Mass rolls around, we’ve had a full day together and everybody needs a little space.
  • So how do we explain this to the kids?  I don’t have kids of my own, but this is how my mother explained it to her kids:  “[Relative’s Name] isn’t Catholic, so they don’t [go to Mass/say Grace/whatever other activity].”  We’re special; we do things that other people don’t do and that’s both a privilege and a responsibility.  We don’t change who we are just to please somebody else.  If you only see these people a few times a year, that’s probably all the explanation you need.

This works if you’re visiting them as well:  just say what you’re going to do, git ‘er dun, don’t make a fuss, and don’t worry about what you’re not able to do.  Do small things with great love; that’s enough.

Oh, Francis…


Still dealing with moving chaos. Go read this!

Originally posted on Coming Home:


For traditional Catholics, for pro-lifers, the visit by Pope Francis has been a series of missed opportunities. In his address to Congress not only did he make fleeting reference to abortion by stating the need for Americans to respect life at every stage of development, he then followed that with immediate specific reference to capital punishment. If he didn’t mention the unborn specifically, at least they are in good company. He didn’t mention Jesus, either. (Though he did mention “God,” which invites non-Christians to the table.)

The list of complaints on social media is endless. In sum, they paint a picture of a pope who has ignored the red meat issues of American Catholicism’s troubles in favor of a left-wing socio-political agenda. How do you solve a problem like Francis? How do you catch a cloud and pin it down? (Cue the Sound of Music)

But as this papacy has…

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7 Quick Takes – So What Have You Been Up To?


This weeks takes are all about what I’ve been doing since I lost my job.

 1.  Looking for a new job.  OK, that should be obvious.  At least my resume and my LinkedIn profile don’t need as much tinkering this time.

2.  Packing up my old house and dealing with repairmen.  My DH and most of our stuff are still at our house in the Midwest, and just as he was about to come join me, we had a flood in the basement.  Because of course.


3.  Cleaning.  Holy crap this place was a mess.  I could tell the bathroom was dirty even with my glasses off… and without my glasses I’m basically Mr. Magoo.

4.  Going to Daily Mass!  There has to be some positives to losing my job, right?    Going to Mass every day is one of them.

5.  Reading Ask A Manager.  Actually, I’d been doing that all along; I just have more time now.

6.  Walking.  I flew back to the Midwest and left my car with BIL, which means I have no car here and DH is out during the day.  I actually like it; it’s good exercise and the weather has finally gotten nice around here.  (Not as nice as the Northwest, but I’ll take it!)

7.  It’s Friday, so we need a song! Here is “Return of the Mack” by Mark Morrison.”

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I always wondered what kind of idiot would move halfway across the country for  job and then lose said job month later.

But, hey, now I don’t have to wonder and I have a lot more time to write.

In Defense of the Church Ladies

Isn't that special?

Isn’t that special?

Several bloggers I like and admire have spoken out against the Church Ladies who get upset when their kids are making noise church. I’m not going to mention any names because I’m not trying to pick a fight with them; I just needed to provide an alternative viewpoint.

Disclaimer:  I’m not opposed to kids (despite not being blessed with any of my own) and I completely get that if you attend a church that tells people not to use birth control, you should expect a few noisy kids at Sunday Mass.

But, as someone who’s careening towards Church Lady status, I humbly ask you to consider the Church Lady’s point of view.

Maybe her marriage is falling apart and she came to church to pray for the grace to hold it together (or end it, or figure out what God wants).

Maybe her teenager ran away, is pregnant, or is using drugs and she’s praying for her child’s well-being.

Maybe someone she loves just died and she came to church to pray for that person’s soul.

Maybe she’s a first responder or a health care professional who just witnessed a tragedy and needs to pray about it before she can go home.

Maybe she can’t have kids and your little ones are a painful reminder of everything she’s been denied.

Maybe she’s working two jobs and caring for a chronically ill spouse and just needed FIVE FREAKING SECONDS of peace and quiet, can I please just get that???

Parents, I know that you have a difficult job and I have the utmost respect for you!  Just try to remember that you might not be the only person who’s having a bad day.

Still Alive

Got to New City in one piece.  Have a a place to live.  Commute to New Company’s mothership for training has me completely drained, but I have some good news:

  1. I have a niece!
  2. Blogging will resume this weekend.